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A Video Portal  IncomePoint.tv features a collection, sort of an encyclopaedia, of video interviews and texts prepared on the basis of a personal archive of Svetlana Bik, the author and host of Income Point program. For a series of years, Svetlana Bik was preparing TV projects on the topics concerning the investments and securities market. The projects were launched on air, and based on the collection of preprint materials in a few years, it was decided to make an original project – www.incomepoint.tv - Financial Market First Hand - as all materials were initially intended for public view.

In essence, the author of the project aimed to create a new kind of resource – a financial video encyclopaedia. The product is intended to be “live”. Based on the archive, which currently forms a foundation of the Video Portal, the taping will continue, and new products will be created, including those with the participation of users and experts.

When creating this resource, we were guided by the following rule: there will always be a source of reference underlying each story. Only the financial market professionals are going to talk about the financial market. This principle runs like a golden thread through all sections of our site.

The resource is based on the collection of video files, video interviews where you can hear the opinions of financial market experts on any given issue of financial market functioning. The video file content is also presented in a text form to facilitate information processing.

If you want to concentrate on watching a video, you can use turn on/off the background option (a yellow light bulb in the bottom left corner of the video), and then no other information on the page will destruct you.

As the author of the project has formed the video material base in a series of years, you may find some information that has undergone certain changes as of today. Notwithstanding the fact that there will be only few of such fragments (in most cases, taping was carried out for educational purposes concerning the basics of financial market and not with a view to give current information of its condition and development), in the text version, such “legacy” fragments will necessarily be marked with a drop-down menu drawing the attention. We chose to preserve the source of reference itself almost without any changes because this information has already become a part of Russian financial history.

In each video file and in its text version, you will find the date of recording a video: in our opinion, this will allow you to have a better sense of time and direction at our resource.

If you have noticed that, intentionally or unintentionally, we violated any copyright, please, write on the e-mail if the Editors of the Video Portal. Your request will necessarily be reviewed.


Анатолий Гавриленко: проблема фондового рынка России

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